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8. 1. 2024 19:00 (po) Divadlo Hybernia, Praha 1 Objednat u TicketPortalu
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BG+ Symphonia


"Sometimes an orchestra can express secrets that electricity cannot reach!"

At the end of 2023, Boris Grebenshchikov will play a series of concerts with a symphony orchestra in

Europe as part of the BG+ Band


Boris Grebenshchikov, the universally known leader of the band Aquarium, is not only a talented

musician, poet and artist, but also a symbol of creative freedom, able to transcend borders and merge

different cultures into one powerful artistic gesture. In his irresistible love of experimentation, he surprises

his fans again and again with new forms of his performances. This time, the BG+ Symphonia programme

will be presented in Vienna, Hasselt, Paris, Zurich, Berlin and Prague, featuring old and brand-new songs

by Aquarium as well as instrumental pieces written especially for this project, accompanied by a

symphony orchestra.


Recalling the history of Aquarium, symphonic arrangements were heard in individual songs from the 1984

album "Day of Silver" onwards, and in 2012 the composition "Faun" was recorded in London together

with the Royal Symphony Orchestra - a mixture of song and suite.


"...The symphonic theme in Aquarium has never disappeared. Sometimes the orchestra can express

mysteries that electricity can't reach. ...I am curious myself - I want to hear something I don't know".

Boris Grebenshchikov


In addition to Boris Grebenshchikov and the symphony orchestra, musicians from the band BG+ will also

be on stage: Konstantin Tumanov (keyboards, accordion), Alexander Titov (bass guitar), Brian Finnegan

(flutes), Liam Bradley (drums), Andrei Surotdinov (violin) and Gleb Grebenshikov (percussion).